Think Tank Studies – $99 and up

“We think about anything for a price.”

Dump your old Think Tank and wade into the guilt-free waters of Galveston’s Bait Camp Think Tank!  Our salty scholars podcast on your silly-assed idea for about half the price of regular think tank reports.  It’s a sweet deal.  Think of it like live bait – with a side of answers.  Your custom Think Tank podcast comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, suitable for sharing.  

It’s like a vacation from thinking right!  If you smell fish and salt air while listening, that just means it working!

Apply for Your Custom Think Tank Podcast

Because your request is important to us here at the Bait Camp Think Tank, please use the Think Tank Study Application Form to submit your silly-assed idea for a podcast. We will take a look at it, laugh a bit, and get back with a price. It will most certainly will be $99, but could be higher if you want us to report on something really stupid. We’ll let you know.

Think Tank Study Application Form