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Uncle Otis – Luxury Podcasts – Masterpiece Collection

Scalding editorials on pop culture and politics from the bothered mind of a widely ignored Southern intellectual. “something funny this way comes”

Hear podcast.  Wash hands.  In the New America, either get woke, or get put to sleep.  So, get ahead of it and wade into the guilt-free waters of The Uncle Otis Bait Camp Think Tank.  Our salty scholars will take you on a luxury 3-minute vacation from political correctness.  Each Think Tank podcast is like a high-wire act, swinging back and forth from one subject to another, then turning lose just before getting burned.  You probably won’t get fired for listening, but if you’re worried, that’s what the nose and glasses are for. 

If you smell fish and salt air while listening, that just means it’s working!  Don’t stop for that red light, we’ll pay your ticket!  Slower listeners keep right. 

Thanks for letting us into your home today; that almost never happens. 

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